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    Route Development, Jul 19, 2018 at 11:24 AM
  1. Aviador

    Yes it's deeply frustrating especially as you say it appears to perform well from Liverpool.

    All airports and airlines seem to carry out these route questionnaires asking people where they want to fly to next. You'd think they'd be able to work it out for themselves. People tend to always pick places like New York but in reality how many people actually go there? As an example the business community of Bristol said they needed a New York service but when Bristol Airport scooped Continental Airlines they were eventually given a "use it or lose it" ultimatum. Not too long after, the route ceased.

    A general rule I have is if a route can support say two airlines from Manchester, a neighbouring airport should be able to support one as well. If only one airline is serving a route from Manchester, the chances are it wont work from one of the surrounding airports. This isn't a strict rule as there are other factors you need to consider. If one airline is carrying over 200,000 passengers annually from Manchester then obviously one of the surrounding airports has a case to claw back some of their lost passengers. The aviation industry is a dog eat dog business it's an uphill struggle for the smaller airports.

  2. Inverness Airport - Thread, Jul 17, 2018 at 5:45 PM
  3. Aviador

    There was a discussion about remote ATC in the Leeds forum about a week ago. I know it's "the sign of the times" and so called "progress" but I struggle to get my head around this idea. When there's a failing in the system is the pilot going to be told to continue at your discretion? #thoughts
  4. Air Traffic, ILS & Navigation Aids, Jul 13, 2018
  5. BarnsleyHolidays

    Is there anybody in 'the industry' able to state the CAVOK rules? I presume that visibility of greater than 10 kilometres is an easy one to gauge as it's just over 6 miles, but how far can cloud below 5000 feet be away from the airfield before it is not considered to be significant in the assessment?

    As Love Island would say #startthediscussion #stareintothesky

  6. Leeds Bradford - General Thread, Jul 11, 2018
  7. Aviador

    The airport crash alarm has just sounded and emergency vehicles are en-route. Anybody know what's happened? #crashalarm
  8. Road, Rail & Access, Jul 10, 2018
  9. Carl0927

    Black cabs have apparently refused to pick up passengers due to a dispute with airport management and the siting of ranks. #cabdispute #Manchester
  10. 2018 World Cup, Jul 3, 2018
  11. Aviador

    Lots of cheating going on mostly from the Colombian team #cheats
  12. And the alcohol for tonight is....., Jun 29, 2018
  13. Ray Finkle

    That's one I'd be very interested in trying (y)

    As Mrs F found out during a wine tasting tour of the Hunter Valley.

    Whilst sat with lunch and a selection of wines to sample Mrs F (in an attempt to sound sophisticated) asked our host something about 'their correct procedure for tasting wines?' The reply, in a thick Aussie accent was along the lines of 'take a sip and if you like it, swallow. This ain't f@#cking France ya know!"

    She wasn't impressed with the tears of laughter rolling down my face :)
  14. And the alcohol for tonight is....., Jun 29, 2018
  15. Aviador

    View attachment 8974
    Some of this for me tonight - Spirit Of Yorkshire, a maturing malt from Yorkshire's only distillery. Next year will see the launch of their first Single Malt. I'm looking forward to that one! #spiritofYorkshire
  16. Weather & Technical Diversions, Delays & Cancellations, Jun 27, 2018
  17. Aviador

    I'm guessing that the power cuts were probably caused by the associated works on the TP but I don't know this to be fact. It does seem strange that no back-up power was available which you would normally expect to happen at an airport the size of Manchester. #egccpowerdown
  18. Birmingham Airport - General Thread, Jun 26, 2018
  19. Brum X

    #desperate :bored:
  20. Route Development & Rumours, Jun 23, 2018
  21. Brum X

    We all know they will launch TATL from MAN, i can see it now in my crystal ball. :bored:

    And before they even gave BHX a proper chance.

  22. Photography Equipment, Lenses and Filters, Jun 12, 2018
  23. Aviador

    Does anybody else use filters when taking photos? This one is one of my favourites. It's a polariser filter for those that don't know. It's ideal for taking pictures through windows to reduce reflections. It will also darken the sky to give it a more natural appearance

    #polariser #camerafilters #cameras
  24. Wideroe, Jun 12, 2018
  25. Aviador

    It's good to see the airline pushing the route at that end too. Liverpool is a huge destination on it's own. It has so much history and culture let alone with the football. I hope the local people give the route the backing it deserves to make it a success. #bergenliverpool
  26. Which Jet2 Livery Do You Prefer?, Jun 11, 2018
  27. Aviador

    Picture by White Heather, hosted here on

    Picture by Aviador, hosted here on

    I actually chose "neither, they need a new one", but even after casting my vote I'm undecided really. The original livery looks good on a nice day but ultra dull on a grey overcast day.

    The holidays livery was never the airlines own from the start, so it's almost like an adopted livery. It looks nice although I would have liked to have seen a brand new livery that focuses on the business as it is today which is mainly holidays.

    I give Jet2 credit though because at least the holidays livery isn't all white which seems to be the way so many airline liveries are going these days.

  28. Profile Post, Jun 8, 2018
  29. thunderchild

    At what age does one stop getting overly excited about a new Jurassic Park film? #lifewillfindaway
  30. Wellington (WLG), Jun 7, 2018
  31. Aviador

    Originally mentioned by @Coathanger16 in the Bristol Airport Forum

    Wellington's weather is too mild today for tests to begin at the airport with one of the world's newest widebody planes.

    It's not unusual for Wellington's weather to be unco-operative, though the problem is usually too much rain and wind, rather than not enough.

    The A350-900 Airbus touched down in the capital last night, but the crew are waiting for more rain and light winds before they start to carry out planned tests on the runway.

    Wellington Airport organised with leading aerospace manufacturer Airbus to test the performance of the plane on shorter, grooved runways with a series of landings and take-offs at the airport.

    The plane, which came from Toulouse and is one of the five A350-900 test aircraft that the manufacturer used to achieve flight certification in 2013-2014, is fully fitted with flight test instrumentation.

    Tests were due to begin today, but an Airport spokesman said they have not commenced yet, as the crew is waiting for rain.

    Airport chief executive Steve Sanderson said the trial will show the maximum performance of the runway.

    "The visit is part of Airbus' continuous programme of performance tests where the company evaluates aircraft in specific operating environments and conditions."

    The A350 has a longer range than the aircraft currently using Wellington, but the airport's shorter runway length constrains the loads and distance of some single aisle jets and all twin aisle jets.

    Full article:
    The results of this test by Airbus will have potential implications for many airports with short runways throughout the world. Similarly to the Boeing Dreamliner: the Boeing 787, the Airbus like for like A350 aircraft was built with short field performance capabilities but as far as I am aware this has not been put to practice until now. The results will be watched from far and wide with great anticipation.

    #wellingtonA350 #Airbusa350
  32. Birmingham Airport - Video Thread, May 19, 2018
  33. Route Development & Rumours, May 18, 2018
  34. Aviador

    Although Jet Airways will add choice to passengers who don't care which airline they use or from where their departure airport is, for those wanting to fly with a flag carrier from their local airport will undoubtedly continue to fly with Air India to India. #airIndia
  35. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 17, 2018
  36. lbaspotter

    Here's a couple of pic's taken of this afternoon's RAF Airbus A400M Atlas, ZM403 @ LBA 17/05/18 #LBAMIL


  37. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 17, 2018
  38. lbaspotter

    RAF Embraer Phenom, ZM336 looks to be working inbound ILS Runway 32 using callsign "Cranwell31"
  39. New EU GDPR Regulations, May 17, 2018
  40. Aviador

    Hi there,

    Some small print changes.

    In line with new EU General Data Protection Regulation we will be making some minor changes to the Forums4airports terms of service over the next few days.

    At some point you maybe prompted to verify that you have read and understood the full terms of service prior to gaining access to posting on the forums. Each time changes are made thereafter you maybe re-prompted to review and agree to those changes.

    Site Administrator

    #gdpr #TermsAndConditionChanges
  41. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 16, 2018
  42. lbaspotter

    RAF Brize Norton comes to RAF Yeadon #LBAMIL

    Airbus A400M Atlas, ZM417 arrived as "Comet452" landed and parked in November taxiway.
    Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, ZZ176 for a few approaches as "Ascot822"
  43. Blue Air Milan (Bergamo) to Liverpool, May 16, 2018
  44. Aviador

    Great review @Carl0927 The mountains in some of your other pictures look impressive. I'm not too sure I'd enjoy weaving around them on the accent into the airport though #BGY #Bergamo
  45. Primera Air, May 15, 2018
  46. davecleaver777

    It's a flight from Orlando other than TUI lol #silverlining
  47. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 15, 2018
  48. lbaspotter

    Here's a few pic's I took of today's Military exercise visitor to LBA #LBAMIL

    Royal Air Force - Boeing C17 Globemaster III, ZZ176 = Callsign "Ascot840"



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