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    Primera Air, Dec 10, 2017
  1. nwoody2001

    Of course not, but if not posed the question directly, why say a statement at all?

    Don’t get me wrong, without the stats to back anything up, statements should be held with a certain degree of scepticism, but equally, if information direct from the horses mouth isn’t good enough, what’s the point of having the horse at all?! #alternativefacts #fakenews
  2. Things to do in Kenya?, Dec 5, 2017
  3. Aviador

    100 Things to do in Kenya
    If you want an adventure packed experience, then you have every reason to visit Kenya. With an unmatched wealth of game and over forty different cultures, Kenya will spoil you with an array of choices. Talk of enjoying sunny weather throughout the year while exploring the country’s natural beauty, having a chance to run along some of the world’s greatest athletes and interacting with the friendly locals, among many other things. Coupled with the fact that it is one of the most affordable tourist destinations and you have the perfect destination.

    1. Maasai Mara safari (Narok)

    With its scenic beauty, aura and variety of game, the Maasai Mara will give you an authentic African safari. No words or pictures can fully convey the atmosphere in this reserve. Having housed over 90 species of animals and over 400 bird species, Maasai Mara is one of the greatest wildlife destinations in the world. Maasai Mara’s cats are so spectacular that they star in BBC’S Big Cat Series. You can go alone or join 3 day group safari.

    2. Climb Mount Kenya (Nyeri)

    For those who love the thrill that comes from climbing on rock, ice and snow, this should be on your bucket list. Mt Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and has been named the most challenging climb. It is where the world’s best climbers test their skills. The average climber will likely reach point Lenana in 48 hours and descend in 36 hours. If you are aiming higher, you had better bring your A game. Join 5 day expedition for the real Mt Kenya experience.

    3. Whitewater rafting on River Tana (Sagana)
    This is the most relaxing activity after a challenging hiking and mountain climbing experience. The Tana River is close to Mt. Kenya and has the most exciting rapids in the country. The drift will also give you a glimpse of some spectacular bird species. Be ready for 4 hours of adventure and loads of fun in the murky waters.

    4. Hiking at Hell’s Gate National Park (Naivasha)

    The name might sound scary but the experience is quite the opposite. Hell’s Gate is one of the few parks in which you can walk alongside zebras, gazelles and elands among other animals. A hike in the park takes 4-6 hours. The scenery is decorated with rugged landscape, gorges, and hot water streams. The scenery is so spectacular that it inspired several Hollywood movies. Camping areas are available where you can pitch a tent or park your RV.

    5. Feeding giraffes (Nairobi)
    The Giraffe Centre located in Nairobi combines the serious protection of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe with fascinating activities. Visitors are allowed to interact with the giraffes through observation, hand feeding and even kissing. You can also catch a glimpse of warthogs and birds.

    6. Eat in a cave (Mombasa)
    Crazy as it sounds, having dinner in a cave is an unforgettable experience. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant along Diani beach is a place that leaves a mark in everyone’s memory. The restaurant mainly serves seafood and steak but vegetarian dishes can be made at the customer’s request. The main part of the cave is open, literally making it dinner under the stars. Add a bottle of fine wine and a loved one and you have everyone’s dream evening.

    7. Wildebeest migration (Narok)
    You have probably seen lions, elephants and cheetahs in your local zoo. You have probably seen a wildebeest too. But I doubt you have seen over a million of them in a rush to close a river while numerous crocodiles prey on them. Occurring between July and October, this event between the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is so spectacular that it was named the seventh wonder of the world as well as the “world cup of wildlife.”

    8. Big five snake safari (Watamu)
    The Bio-Ken Snake Farm organizes snake safaris for the strong-willed reptile lovers to interact with the snakes on riverbanks, trees and rocky cliffs. A group of experts leads the safari which can take up to five nights. You get a chance to catch pythons, cobras, puff adders and other members of the big five.

    9. Flamingo watching (Nakuru)
    I cannot think of anything that is better than watching a lake being turned into a mass of moving pink. Hundreds of thousands of spectacular birds flock the salt water lakes in the Kenyan Rift Valley every year creating an unmatchable spectacle. Lake Nakuru is turned into candy-land as flamingos and hundreds of other bird species blanket its surface. The best time to catch this immense beauty is between April and June.

    10. Ride an ostrich (Nairobi)
    The Maasai Ostrich Farm Resort in Nairobi brings you as close to an ostrich as possible. None of your friends will believe you when you tell them that you spent 30 minutes riding on the back of an ostrich. As if that is not good enough, you get to eat one. You can relax in a thatched makuti or by the pool and enjoy a delicacy of ostrich meat.

    11. Relax on the Kenyan coast (Mombasa)
    While going on safari is exciting and adventurous, the Kenyan coast has been known to put a smile on a visitors face. With its sun-bleached sandy beaches and its warm inviting waters, the Kenyan stretch of the Indian Ocean will take your breath away. Lay in the shade of the coconut palms sipping a drink as you squint through the rays of the afternoon sun to watch local fishermen in their traditionally made dhows.

    12. Diving (Mombasa)
    If you thought the Kenyan game parks were rich, you are yet to see the ones hidden in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Experience the adrenaline rush of coming face to face with a shark and other big water creatures, the excitement of being in the warm waters surrounded by colorful fish and the beauty of the coral reef. Join peponi divers who happen to have over 25 diving sites!

    13. Kitesurfing (Mombasa)
    Combine the art of flying a kite and boarding, and you have the ultimate sport for thrill lovers. No words can describe the excitement that comes from being propelled by the trade winds as you try to control the kite above you while both hoping and fearing to become airborne. Classes for beginners take an average of 3 hours.

    14. Jet skiing (Diani)
    For those who prefer their fun at high speed, Diani Beach is the perfect place to experience a new exhilarating world. Get a different view of the beach from the open sea. How about meeting dozens of dolphins and giant turtles along the way? A Jet Ski safari takes 1 hour on a normal day.

    15. Kayaking (Sagana)
    If you have not tried your hand at this exciting sport then you have not been living. Which other place would be better for relaxed paddling than the calm waters of River Sagana, ranked the best kayaking spot in Africa? Savage Wilderness offers flexible sessions depending on your schedule.

    16. Deep sea fishing (Mombasa)
    There is immense excitement and feeling of accomplishment that comes from reeling a giant fish, both for beginners and seasoned pros. Marlin and the acrobatic sailfish are the most common in the deep waters of Mombasa, and you can be sure that the experience is nothing short of spectacular. A fishing trip takes 4-8 hours. Some of the world’s fishing records have been set and broken in these same waters. Join a 4, 6 or 8 hour fishing session.

    17. Bungee jumping (Sagana)
    This is not for the faint hearted or the nervous souls, it is for the real adrenaline junkies. Throw yourself from a 60-meter tower into the brown Sagana River and experience a thrill you have never felt before. One thing for sure, your screams of fear and excitement will be heard from a mile away.

    18. Rock climbing (Voi)
    There are a lot of rock climbing venues in Kenya but none can beat the alluring rocks in Tsavo National Park. Climb a 300-meter rock as elephants roam below you and falcons and eagles circle above you. It is said to be among the most challenging rock climbing events, but the view from the top is very much worth the effort.

    19. Paragliding (Eldoret)
    Paragliding in Kerio Valley is an opportunity to defy gravity and turn into an eagle for an hour or two. Fly in the simplest and most beautiful way as you look at the landscape from a bird’s view. To get the most bang for your back, time your trip between January and April since that is when the winds are strongest.

    20. Skydiving (Diani)
    I cannot think of anything that is more thrilling than being dropped from 10000 feet above the beach. Diani is the only place where the weather is perfect for skydiving almost throughout the year, and every fall is a beach fall. As you fall towards the fantastic view below you, you will feel your heart beating faster and the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t let this distract you from smiling for the camera!


  4. Model Aircraft - General Thread, Dec 4, 2017
  5. Aviador

    Model 737-200 with reverse thrust ....amazing!

  6. Error Message When Creating New Thread, Nov 28, 2017
  7. Aviador

    Good morning

    I've come across an glitch. Some people seem to be receiving an error message when creating a new thread. At the moment I am unable to locate the problem.

    Apart from the annoying message, your thread creation will go live as normal.

    Please continue to report this bug if you come across it along with the time of the occurrence.

    Site Admin

  8. The Continuing Saga of Brexit..., Nov 24, 2017
  9. Aviador

    UK airlines risk losing flying rights, says leaked Brexit paper
    Brussels sees little room for ‘bespoke’ aviation deal if Britain exits single market

  10. Corvera International Airport (RMU), Nov 24, 2017
  11. Aviador

    Without a miraculous change of direction by the Murcia regional government it is looking likely Aena will take the contract for the new Murcia Corvera International Airport after the other remaining contender running for the airport contract pulled out.

    In his address to the Murcia Assembly last week the Minister of Development, Íñigo de la Serna, said that Aena had made their bid to manage Corvera airport because it is a “profitable” asset with “significant” growth expectations. He then added that “when their management is confirmed It does not make any sense to have two airports separated by only 23 kilometres,” and that civil flights should be transferred from San Javier.
    So it's looking like San Javier will be closing it's doors to passenger flights over the course of the next couple of years. #new-murcia-airport #corvera
  12. Primera Air, Nov 24, 2017
  13. Ray Finkle

    This has to be one of the oddest route maps I've ever seen :)


    #Primera #Birmingham #BHX
  14. Air India, Nov 24, 2017
  15. Ray Finkle

    I never understand the reasoning behind the notion that Birmingham to India is all about Amritsar when it clearly isn't.

    Every time I've checked the CAA Stats there has always been more passengers into Delhi than there are heading on to Amritsar. Air India themselves have said that the BHX-DEL sector is the one that makes the money which is why the service has operated as it does for so long. There are also the amount of connections made via Delhi, not only across India but also to other international destinations (AI once said that 10-12% of passengers were connecting on to SYD/MEL). If that wasn't enough then the 2/5 split in favour of Delhi speaks volumes, if it was all about ATQ then they'd have 5 weekly flights.

    I get the feeling that this move is just to placate the politicians who have been so vocal about getting direct Birmingham flights from Amritsar.

    #AirIndia #Birmingham #BHX
  16. Emirates, Nov 14, 2017
  17. Aviador

    Personally I'm disappointed Emirates have gone with Boeing. It would have been nice to see them sticking with the A380 with some A350 aircraft tied onto the order. The 787 is a great aircraft though and hopefully more regional airports will get a chance to see the airline operating to Dubai. #emirates #dreamliner #airbus380 #787
  18. Aviation Nostalgia Thread, Nov 14, 2017
  19. United Airlines Onboard Wifi?, Nov 9, 2017
  20. Celestial_twenty

    I'm flying to ORD on United tomorrow, on a #767-300ER according to the #United App.
    I've not flown internationally for a number of years, and expect things to be hugely different from when I last flew to the US, some 12 years ago.
    Will be departing from Terminal 2, which is a first, as it's pretty shiny and new still.
    I understand that United now supply on-board #wifi, so I intend to surf the web to my hearts content, or until the battery dies.
    Do United supply on board charging, and if so, is it #USB ( I did ask the nice lady at United yesterday, and she said "no Sir, I am in the USA", which did not fill with a lot of confidence :)
    Anything anyone thinks I should look out for?
  21. Level, Nov 8, 2017
  22. Aviador

    Level has been out performing expectations by all accounts. Do you think #Level will be showing any interest in the Monarch slots at Manchester, Birmingham or dare I say it, Leeds?
  23. Profile Post, Nov 2, 2017
  24. Aviador

    Ashley has installed a #wikipage facility this morning. Only moderators can create a wikipage but registered members are able edit.
  25. Easyjet, Oct 30, 2017
  26. Aviador

    Is it really diluting the Manchester product when a decent number of the passengers using Easyjet will be from the Liverpool area? I'm aware that some routes will only work from a small number of airports in the North and Manchester is probably the obvious airport to serve weaker routes from but sufficient growth should still be achievable from the airlines Liverpool base. #easyjet
  27. Tui Airlines UK, Oct 30, 2017
  28. Aviador

    Tui Airlines UK seems firmly committed to expanding it's range from #DSA which is great news for the airport.
  29. Level, Oct 30, 2017
  30. thunderchild

    So Iberia, Iberia Express, Level and Vueling will all be operating out of MAD? #confused
  31. Street Art - Thread, Oct 28, 2017
  32. Aviador

    Something different as it's the weekend!

    Here's a new street art thread as I know most cities throughout the world have street art decorating the floor. This ones in Iceland.

    #weekend #streetart
  33. Norwegian Air Shuttle, Oct 24, 2017
  34. Aviador

    The pound is at an all time low against the euro. Hedging fuel costs can only last so long for any airline in these market conditions. Once hedging comes to an end savings have to be made else where. Sorry but It's got to be said but this is the price of #brexit .Routes that don't make money will go. Not just at BHX but at any UK airport at least untill confidence returns to the London stock exchange. #tinhatready #justsaying
  35. Norwegian Air Shuttle, Oct 24, 2017
  36. Aviador

    Bad news, Norwegian are scrapping ALL flights to Spain from Birimgham with almost immediate effect. Flights will cease on the 28th October.

    #Norwegian #bhxnews

    More on this story:
  37. Route Development, Oct 23, 2017
  38. Aviador

    It's only a couple of weeks since Easyjet was rumoured to be basing more equipment over the hill. Could this be a nudge to Manchester if the negotiating isn't going as well as planned, or could this indicate an entirely new agreement potentially being made with LBA? It could of course mean nothing too as we know airports do occasionally appear in airline website drop-down lists without anything coming of it. No harm in speculating though. #easyjetatlba
  39. Infinite Flight Simulator Community Forum, Oct 23, 2017
  40. Aviador

    Yeah I get what you say about doing a long flight but the global version has allowed us to be able to use our favourite airports. The previous London region didn't include Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool for example. Being able to hop between the Canary Islands and up to Funchal is do-able without the boredom of a long flight setting in. The live weather isn't working for me. I don't know if that's just me or it it's everyone.

    If w can drum up some interest we could have a forums4airports meet-up at a chosen airport at some point. #infiniteflight
  41. Canary Islands, Oct 22, 2017
  42. Aviador

    @Cameron Pagge Yes there is plenty to do in the Canaries and in Spain generally. If you are planning on sticking to the tourist trail you might want to start in mainland Spain before visiting the Canary Islands. It's not that there isn't anything to do in the Canary Islands because there is plenty to do but if you're visiting from LA you will need to plan your journey well to fit in the highlights of Spain. At this time of year (autumn or fall as you might prefer to call it) the weather is starting to cool although it will still be pleasant and predominantly sunny the most part. You might prefer to do some cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. Between the big cities you will probably need a week to cover the main tourist spots. You can also cover Granada when you're in the Seville area. If wish to venture on to the Canary Islands you will probably need another week. You will probably need to fly to the Canaries from the mainland. You can fly between all the larger islands, or catch a ferry. The islands are volcanic, so if you are interested there are a number of tours that will take you to one of the volcanoes. I've visited Mt Teide, the highest mountain in Spain and it is apparently the highest mountain in the Atlantic. The Canary islands are sub tropical, predominantly warm, lush and green in the North, hot and dry in the South. The weather throughout most of the islands is largely dry for most of the year. The temperature tends to be between 25'c and 29'c in the South of the Islands for most of the year so if you want to spend part of your holiday on the beach you wont be disappointed. #canaryislands #touristtrail #Spain
  43. Want to promote a thread or news article?, Oct 20, 2017
  44. Aviador

    Hi guys, don't forget to message me if you want to see a particular thread or news story covered on the F4A homepage. It takes about 20 minutes to get each article up but I'll do my best to cover any threads that people want covering. #forumpromotion
  45. The weather - General Thread, Oct 20, 2017
  46. Aviador

    So far no Amber warnings issued for #stormbrian but the Met Office have said winds are expected to gust up to 70mph in exposed areas and on the southern coastline.
  47. What services you are using?, Oct 20, 2017
  48. Aviador

    The other half is heading to London on Sunday that is assuming BA don't cancel due to #stormbrian I'll be asking for a review from her when she returns.