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    Birmingham Airport - Video Thread, May 19, 2018 at 12:38 AM
  1. Route Development & Rumours, May 18, 2018 at 1:47 PM
  2. Aviador

    Although Jet Airways will add choice to passengers who don't care which airline they use or from where their departure airport is, for those wanting to fly with a flag carrier from their local airport will undoubtedly continue to fly with Air India to India. #airIndia
  3. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 17, 2018 at 5:05 PM
  4. lbaspotter

    Here's a couple of pic's taken of this afternoon's RAF Airbus A400M Atlas, ZM403 @ LBA 17/05/18 #LBAMIL


  5. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 17, 2018 at 10:46 AM
  6. lbaspotter

    RAF Embraer Phenom, ZM336 looks to be working inbound ILS Runway 32 using callsign "Cranwell31"
  7. New EU GDPR Regulations, May 17, 2018 at 10:32 AM
  8. Aviador

    Hi there,

    Some small print changes.

    In line with new EU General Data Protection Regulation we will be making some minor changes to the Forums4airports terms of service over the next few days.

    At some point you maybe prompted to verify that you have read and understood the full terms of service prior to gaining access to posting on the forums. Each time changes are made thereafter you maybe re-prompted to review and agree to those changes.

    Site Administrator

    #gdpr #TermsAndConditionChanges
  9. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 16, 2018 at 4:48 PM
  10. lbaspotter

    RAF Brize Norton comes to RAF Yeadon #LBAMIL

    Airbus A400M Atlas, ZM417 arrived as "Comet452" landed and parked in November taxiway.
    Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, ZZ176 for a few approaches as "Ascot822"
  11. Blue Air Milan (Bergamo) to Liverpool, May 16, 2018 at 12:54 PM
  12. Aviador

    Great review @Carl0927 The mountains in some of your other pictures look impressive. I'm not too sure I'd enjoy weaving around them on the accent into the airport though #BGY #Bergamo
  13. Primera Air, May 15, 2018 at 9:22 PM
  14. davecleaver777

    It's a flight from Orlando other than TUI lol #silverlining
  15. Spotting Movements Log & Heads Up, May 15, 2018 at 12:04 PM
  16. lbaspotter

    Here's a few pic's I took of today's Military exercise visitor to LBA #LBAMIL

    Royal Air Force - Boeing C17 Globemaster III, ZZ176 = Callsign "Ascot840"

  17. C17_0003, May 21, 2018
  18. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  19. C17_0005, May 21, 2018
  20. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  21. C17_0007, May 21, 2018
  22. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  23. C17_0001, May 21, 2018
  24. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  25. C17_0004, May 21, 2018
  26. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  27. C17_0006, May 21, 2018
  28. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  29. C17_0008, May 21, 2018
  30. lbaspotter

    RAF C17, ZZ176 @ LBA 15/05/18 #LBAMIL
  31. Corvera International Airport (RMU), May 8, 2018
  32. Aviador

    Some great overhead footage of the new airport at #Covera
  33. Lanzarote (ACE), Apr 23, 2018
  34. Aviador

    It's superb. A little quiet (and raining) at the moment but I imagine it will get much busier over the next few weeks! #ACE #Lanzaroterocks #acelive
  35. Elmdon Building & Old Tower, Apr 16, 2018
  36. Elmdon80slad

    I have just reached out to this guy on twitter -

    Chairman of @hwoodmonster Hollywood Monster, Co-Founder & Chairman #LoveBrum @lovebrumuk, owner of @ukyachtcharter Former CEO Birmingham City Ladies FC #bclfc


    Not sure if he can help?

  37. Elmdon Building & Old Tower, Apr 15, 2018
  38. Dadjet

    Hay, I have tried to expand the target audience in local weeks, have signed up to all types of groups whether it be aviation, architecture or heritage etc (including this one!!) to spread the message, whether it be in the Midlands, London, America or Australia! I tried to hijac the twitter trending of #BRUM today (after the CG handover). Seems to be having little impact in petition numbers though.

    Not sure if I mentioned it on this forum but personally applied for listed status the other day. Your right though, need people with real experience and influence to take over the campaigning!! The problem I have been finding is when your posts drop down the page they don't get seen!
  39. Random Stuff!, Apr 15, 2018
  40. Brum X

    Yes i agree with you Ray, the live performance in Victoria square was awesome however that promotional video for Birmingham 2022 was very "underwhelming" indeed.

    Who on earth wants to see ariel shots of the Gravelly Hill interchange or the west coast main line. Where were the shots of our canals around Brindleyplace or the Library of Birmingham or even some shots of the amount of construction going on showing a forward thinking dynamic city.

    I think Brum X and #Brum need to arrange a meeting and get together, what you think guys ? ;)
  41. Random Stuff!, Apr 15, 2018
  42. Ray Finkle

    I watched it again to try and like it but I'm afraid I just can't. I realise that there were significant time restraints on this, along with many challenges to overcome, maybe it was the best they could do under the circumstances.

    When asked about his thoughts Michael Johnson seemed lost for words and didn't want to comment. He then said "I like Birmingham, I like it a lot but that didn't represent the Birmingham that I know". I can only agree with him.

    Hopefully the lasting memory will be the performance in Victoria Square which was fantastic, especially given that they only had a few weeks to practice. Even the BBC used the words Birmingham and Brilliant in the same sentence :eek:

    Just over four years to come up with an amazing opening ceremony, I really hope that it does the city proud :)

  43. Random Stuff!, Apr 15, 2018
  44. Ray Finkle

    That video was just awful! So dull, very amateurish and how about reinforcing the stereotypes we try hard to get rid of with a closing shot of Spaghetti Junction? :banghead:

    I really was starting to feel quite embarrassed and it kind of spoiled the performance from Lady Sanity as Mrs F and I were looking at each other thinking, wtf!

    They pulled it back with Mr Blue Sky though, the live scenes from in front of the Council House and Town Hall were absolutely fantastic (y)

    So looking forward to 2022 now, #brum :D

  45. Random Stuff!, Apr 15, 2018
  46. Ianbutty

    #Brum. Cannot wait for 2022. Great boost for the city.
  47. Random Stuff!, Apr 15, 2018
  48. Ianbutty

    Well done #brum. That was excellent.